“The best decision I’ve made in my life was turning back to the Most High before it was too late. All decisions I’ve made were learning experiences and I don’t have any regrets.”


Saint Louis, MO


Hebrew Hip-Hop


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Zebediah Boaz

Known as the “Hebrew Nate Dogg”, Zebediah Boaz has a harmonizing, baritone voice that just makes you feel good when listening. 

“My father would be around the house singing, sounding like Lou Rawls. So I guess that is what helped me develop my deep voice and my mom was singing falsettos.”

Born and reared in Saint Louis, MO, the eldest of 4 children, Zebediah Boaz had been around music his whole life. In high school, he played 7 different instruments at 7 different times, and although he didn’t grow up in the church, he did sing in the church choir. Throughout his life, even as a child, the Spirit of the Most High was reaching out to him. His grandmother told him about Christ and God being black as a young child, but he really didn’t pay much attention. It wasn’t until he was much older that he heard it again through a friend with whom he grew during football practice. After this, he never got the opportunity to speak with the young man on the subject again till after he came into the truth.

Zebediah had to take on much responsibility at a young age since his parents were divorced and his mother worked 12 hour shifts at the hospital as a Registered Nurse. Being young and impressionable, but much older than his younger siblings, Zeb fell into step with the older boys who were involved in various criminal activities including petty theft, drugs and shoplifting.

To get out of the streets and to pay for college where he would be studying electrical engineering after working various food servicing jobs around town after high school, Zebediah joined the army reserves. After serving 3 years, he left the reserves due to degree program placement discrimination.

Not able to find electrical work in Missouri, he was more and more in the streets, stealing, drug selling, and barely missing getting caught up. However, it was during this time that the Father kept making him miss certain things, like a shootout that would happen just before he arrived or the police would raid a spot that he just left moments earlier. In one particular incident, some guys pulled up watching the spot he and his friends were hanging out. They later drove off and the guys didn’t think any more of it. The next day Zebediah goes to the same house to say what’s up to his friends and later leaves to visit his girlfriend. Two minutes after he left, the same car returned and unloaded on them. Where he was sitting the day before, there were three bullet holes in the same area he had just been. He said to himself “something has got to change!” 

When his cousin got busted by the Feds with undeniable evidence, Zebediah laid low for an entire year, only going to work and to visit his children. He made up his mind and understood that the Most High was not going to keep saving him. He also had two small children at this point and had to think about what was best for them. One day he saw an ad for an electrician in Arizona that promised to pay if he moved out there so he took the opportunity, packed up and left everything behind. He felt that if he didn’t leave everything behind, he’d be dead or in jail and probably wouldn’t be able to see his kids graduate.

While in Phoenix, Arizona, Zebediah started back making music behind the scenes. He had already been DJing before he joined the army reserves, but he was using other people’s equipment. He invested in his own equipment including a track recorder and MPC and started working with a guy he met there who was real heavy in the music scene. They would host parties, manage acts, rent out clubs and produce music. 

“I never really wanted to be on stage. I knew that I could, but I wanted to be in the background.That is how I fell into producing people rather than being out in the forefront. I saw how people treated celebrities. My cousin was a celebrity, a professional football player for the Denver Broncos. I saw how people treated my cousin and I never wanted that, never wanted to be in the limelight or have that kind of attention.

The two of them started a production team with plans to move out to Los Angeles, California. Zebediah made the move, but the other guy stayed behind and later ended up in Vegas. 

Shortly after arriving in California, Zebediah worked with his aunt, a member of The Ike Turner Revue, for a gospel radio show on KTYM in Inglewood, CA. She was the host and he worked behind the scenes mixing and engineering although she really wanted him to co-host. They completed 52 shows from the summer of 2000 to January of 2002. She introduced him to many people in the music industry including Ike Turner, who taught Zeb how to work Logic Pro before learning how to use Pro Tools. 

Zeb DJ’d at clubs and parties while also working as an electrician full time. After investing nearly $10K in an event that flopped due to the weather, he called it quits and stuck to producing and Djing small private parties. Still, the Most High was working with Zebediah. Opportunities opened for him that were not available for many others, and Zebediah gave all praise and credit due to the Most High. The economy crashed, but for 2 years, Zebediah continued to work as a certified electrician and studying to get certified in Logic Pro, ProTools and Final Cut Pro so he could teach courses in college. 

One day while visiting his children back in Saint Louis, Zeb was doing some work with a friend named Ariel who happened to be playing a cassette tape by Daniel Solomon, a local teacher in Saint Louis. He had already read Deuteronomy 28 years earlier, but Dan’s breakdown of the scriptures and explanation of Cain and Abel was the turning point in his life, the point when Zeb made up his mind to truly accept who he is and follow the Most High.

“Once I read the curses, I was caught hook, line and sinker. I always felt it in my spirit. When Daniel told me about Cain and Abel, I knew without a shadow of a doubt even though someone had been trying to tell me all my life, but it was then that I knew it, that we ain’t supposed to be like this.”

As he was preparing to make his way back to his hometown, several things happened that would’ve stopped him if the Most High hadn’t already ordered his steps. First, Snoop Dogg heard an unreleased track he and his cousin recorded and commented that he sounded similar to Nate Dogg. Nate Dogg was recovering from a stroke and Snoop offered $500 a show to do Nate Dogg’s parts on stage. Unfortunately, he didn’t recover and died shortly after so the tour was canceled. This was also during the hiring freeze of 2011 in California. There were a lot of potential job opportunities for an electrician making 89,000/year in several cities including San Diego, San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Sacramento that were currently on hold. Though they anticipated the release of the freeze on any day, it was too much of a risk to stay without certainty that the job would undoubtedly be available. The UHaul was already packed and his plans were in place. 

Shortly after arriving in Saint Louis, the hiring freeze was released. They called again with an offer of 6 figures to move back to Cali for a 4 government building contract but Zeb declined. 

“I’m still glad I made the choice to head back to Saint Louis though, because I’m singing for the Most High now and I’m the Hebrew Nate Dogg and that’s even better than doing his [Nate Dogg] parts. If I would’ve taken that opportunity, I would’ve been deeper in the stuff that I was trying to get away from in the first place.”

Unfortunately, the return home began with tragedy. Three days after his arrival, his little brother in Little Rock, AR passed away. 

“Everybody told me I was going to be an alcoholic when I grew up because of my dad. However, it wasn’t me, but all of my brothers were dependent on some type of drugs or alcohol. Even my junior high school principal, who knew my family well, told me it was something that couldn’t be helped, I’d be an alcoholic just like my father. It was her words that made me be determined not to let that happen.”

Now back at home, Zebediah continued to study and grow spiritually in the WORD. The Most High blessed him to see his kids make it to college, gave him a beautiful wife and Zeb continued to minister to others about the Most High and his son. He even got the chance to minister to KMG, founding member of Above The Law 10 days before he passed away. He also ministers to his brother who is currently in prison serving 40 years. In 2017, he and other members of the 4th Tribe Static Addicts recorded a track called “Thief in the Night” which was the first time Zebediah actually rapped a song.

“The best decision I’ve made in my life was turning back to the Most High before it was too late. All decisions I’ve made were learning experiences and I don’t have any regrets.

His newest album, O.G. Child, tells of his life experiences and his love for the Most High. With features including Hebrew artists Judah Mathias 3rd, Moshey Ben Yahudah, and more, this album is one of his best works by far. This album drops July 1, 2022 and is available on the Truth Muzic Mixtapes website.

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