“With a unique blend of hardcore hip-hop and a soulful midwest sound, Yahmeer is ready to change the game!”


Kansas City, MO


Hebrew Hip-Hop

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Yahmeer Ben Israel

“King Yahmeer “ has a unique blend of hardcore hip Hop and a soulful Midwest sound. Yahmeer is ready to change the game!!!! Born in Kansas City, Missouri where he started his music career with the group Slick City!!!!! now joined with the record label “South 71 Muzikc”!!!! Yahmeer changed his life and devoted it to Christ, now delivering a powerful message about following God and spiritual warfare. Changing the mindset of the youth with hard-hitting beats in a strong delivery Yahmeer puts the fear of God in you!!!!! HalleluYah 🕎

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Yahmeer Ben Israel

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Yahmeer Ben Israel

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Yahmeer Ben Israel